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The Ancient Giant Dakota Sioux Hopewell Mound Builders of Iowa

The Ancient Giant Dakota Sioux Hopewell Thay Once Roamed Iowa

Ancient Giant Humans Discovered in Des Moines County

The Plymouth Weekly Democrat (Plymouth, Indiana) April 23, 1857
   Giant Skeletons – The Burlington, Iowa State Gazette, says that while some workmen were engaged in excavating the cellar of gov. Grime's new building, on the corner of Main Street, they came upon an arched vault some ten square, which, on being opened, was found to contain human skeletons of gigantic proportions.

   The wall of the vault was about fourteen inches thick, well laid up with cement or indestructible mortar. The vault is six feet from the base to the arch. The skeletons are in a state of preservation, and we venture to say the largest human remains found, being little over eight feet long.

Ancient Giant Humans Discovered Dubuque County

White Cloud Kansas Chief August 31, 1871
   A human skull of gigantic proportion has been exhumed, a few miles northwest of Dubuque, Iowa, at a distance of thirty feet below the surface of the earth. The discovery was made by Mr. Hetherington while sinking a shaft in a lead drift. Of this relic of the past the Times says:

Telegraph Herald, January 3, 1998
   An archaeologist has documented 26 mounds at Gramercy Park, dating from about 200 to 300 A.D. They spread over a 7 – 10-acre area. There are also Hopewell mounds on the north side of Dubuque and outside of Marquette, Iowa. About 10,000 have been found continent-wide, Berryman said.
At least two of the 26 mounds at Gramercy has puzzled archaeologists. One, according to documents, contained the skeleton of an unusually tall person. Likely a male, the individual was 7 to 8 feet tall...

Ancient Giant Humans Discovered Des Moines County

The Grand River Times (Grand Haven, Michigan) May 21, 1856
Western Giants in Their Slumber
   The Burlington Iowa Gazette says that while workmen were engaged in excavating for the celler of Gov. Grimes new building on the corner of Main and Valley Street, they came upon an arched vault some ten feet square, which, on being opened, was found to contain eight human skeletons of gigantic proportions....

Ancient Giant Humans Discovered Fremont County

History of Fremont County, Iowa 1881
      In 1875 a huge Sioux skeleton was unearthed at a brickyard about one mile east of Hamburg at a depth of fourteen feet from the surface of the earth. The bones were for the most part in an advanced state of decay but the teeth were well preserved. The remains are believed to be those of a giant at least eight feet in height...

Ancient Giant Humans Discovered Hardin County

The Leavenworth Times (Leavenworth, Kansas) September 24, 1897
Skeleton of a Massive Man in Iowa Mound
   Eldora, Iowa, Sept. 23. - A party of relic hunters, exploring one of the numerous mounds in Black Hawk county, on Cedar river, east of here, has discovered in one of the graves the skeleton of a prehistoric man of much more than ordinary size...

Ancient Giant Humans Discovered Wapello County

History of Wapello County, 1878
   After the flood of 1851, Mr. Ford found 10 skulls that had been washed on his claim and lodged in a drift. He picked up a jaw and thigh bone, which must have belonged to a giant equal in size to one of those mentioned in the Scriptures...

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